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Coco B Wellness Yoga Retreat & Whaleshark Experience

Yoga Retreat & Whale Shark Tour - Aug 10 - 15 Coco B Wellness

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5 Night Yoga Retreat and Whale shark adventure with Coco B Wellnessç

 Vinyasa Goddess Yoga and YACEP - Isla Mujeres Trainees get an extensive look at classical yogic and Buddhist philosophies, asana, pranaya...

Have you dreamed of taking your practice to the next level, and sharing your deep love of yoga with others as a career?

You've come to the right place.

Join us in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Hosted by Jackie Gladney 5 Night Vinyasa Yoga

Jackie Gladney has over 10,000 hours of teaching and studying experience. Some people say this makes her an expert but she feels like an expert beginner is more like it.
She is an ERYT 500, has completed 10 yoga teacher trainings and has facilitated 15. Jackie loves to create. She is the founder of DharmaCycle Yoga, a hot yoga, barre and cycling studio which she sold in 2018.  She is the founder of a Registered Yoga School and has created successful yoga, barre and cycle teacher trainings. She truly lives the yogic path and has a talent sharing it with her students. She geeks out about anything yoga; anatomy, alignment, sanskrit, history, philosophy and energy.  She has found that she has limitless energy for all things yoga. Many forms of meditation take years of diligent practice before you can feel any results.  That's just too slow for Jackie.  She loves energy work and yoga because you can feel instant results from practice and has dedicated her life to studying and teaching energetic and yogic techniques to beginners and very experienced teachers.