Marianne Wells


DECEMBER 4TH - 18TH, 2019

Marianne Wells is coming to Coco B Wellness!! Book your spot before it’s too late!!


It is my long-held belief that yoga is a way of living, each of us a unique person, each of us a unique practice. You must put yourself — as well as your Self — into your practice. In doing so, you awaken something inside that inspires others. The uniqueness you bring to your teaching will help your students live lighter, more present, and more focused. All of life is energy and life is in constant change, constant flow. Learn how to connect this flow through a new way of seeing that allows us to breathe and expand into the Spiritual beings that we are.

Join Marianne for a Yoga Teacher Training that will boost your confidence and skill-set and take you into the next phase of your yoga journey!

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